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What is AutoPOKR™?

AutoPOKR™ is a brand new poker robot system with machine learning technology. Did you know that human factor plays a several role in poker loses? After removing human emotions from the game, our AI robot can prevent losses and provide guaranteed wins based on numbers and statistics. Every day for more than 5 years, we have been developing and improving our system to earn higher profits and to earn faster. Our robot plays in high name poker sites like PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888Poker and so on. We have developed a method to fool bot detection systems by making human like mistakes to lose small bets, but always being professional when the pot is high.

After successfully testing our robots, we have made them available for worldwide use. Now anybody can make profits with our AutoPOKR™ robots to receive amazing returns from the poker winnings. Everybody knows gambling is a profitable industry, but only a few people knows the secret to make money with gambling! You have now found the hidden knowledge to make guaranteed profit from the gambling industry!

When you invest money with AutoPOKR™, an instance of AutoPOKR™ automatically starts on our servers and starts playing with the invested sum. Depending on the robot you choose, the profit is withdrawn 1) when the investment is expired OR 2) every (business) day after exactly 24 hours. The poker robot is automatically withdrawing the profits to your payment system account. You don't need to request a withdrawal, this is all done automatically.

Our bots play in multiple online casinos which work with cryptocurrencies. This allows our investors to invest not only in US Dollars, but also in cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

Wallet will be received automatically
Upline for this Deposit: [email protected]

Invite friends and earn up to 25% from each deposit!

Plan / Deposit amount > 2500 USD > 2000 USD > 1500 USD > 5 USD
PokerStar 5% 5% 5% 5%
365 Days, PokerParty, Tiger Games, 3x8 Poker, Good Games, Full House 10% 10% 10% 10%
Coral Reef, The Best 25% N/A N/A N/A
Is AutoPOKR™ a registered company?
Yes, our company is registered and governed by United Kingdom laws. You can check the actual company status by clicking here. Our registration certificate can be downloaded if you click here.
How can I start an AutoPOKR™ bot?
To start a bot, visit the page "Start a Bot", select the bot that suits your needs, select the deposit method and enter the amount you wish to start the bot with. Enter your e-mail address and in case you use any cryptocurrency payment system, you will need to enter your wallet address (not necessary for Perfect Money payments, as the payment address is automatically received from their system). Carefully check your upline in case you have been invited by someone else.
Can I change my upline?
Upline cannot be changed for already running bots, but all new deposits can have a new upline! (Start a new bot with the new upline's referral link, and the new upline will receive the referral commission!)
What time & days will profits be paid?
Profits are withdrawn automatically by the poker bot to your e-currency or cryptocurrency account. Daily profits are paid after 1 business day of the deposit or the previous payment.
Do bots work on weekends?
No, the bots are stopped for the weekends for a review process, and they are started again Monday, therefore you will only receive profits on weekdays. (Except for the 365 Days bot, which is not stopped and is also paying profits on the weekends)
Can I start multiple bots at once?
Yes, you can start an unlimited number of bots. Please note, each bot will pay their specific profits when the profits are due.
What payment methods are available?
For FIAT payments we accept Perfect Money deposits. Cryptocurrency deposits stay in the currency of the selected crypto (eg. Bitcoin deposits earn & receive profits in BTC). The following cryptocurrencies are accepted: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.
Do I need to register an account to start a bot?
No, our website works without registration! It is not necessary to create an account to start making profits!
How can I register to be an affiliate?
You can register for an affiliate account in the "Affiliates" section. Simply enter your e-mail address and your preferred method to receive the commission. All commissions will be exchanged and paid to your entered wallet. You will receive a custom referral link what you can use to invite your friends. You can create multiple accounts for multiple wallets, and you will receive multiple links, each will pay to the wallet specified during registration.
When will I receive affiliate commission?
Affiliate commission is paid automatically every midnight to Perfect Money wallets. Cryptocurrency commissions are currently paid manually once a day. We combine affiliate commission payments. For example if you have 3 affiliate deposits that day, you will receive 1 commission payment which includes the commission for all 3 deposits.
Is it possible to receive the affiliate commission via the same payment method that my affiliate used?
This feature is being implemented, we will announce it in e-mail when it's ready. By the meantime, register an affiliate account for all your wallets and we will notify you when this feature becomes available.

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